Mack Wilds Explains How He Found The VIBE On ‘AfterHours’

Mack Wilds has literally lived in front of the cameras for the last decade of his life. Whether it be the flashes from thirsty fans’ iPhones or big budget shoots for Hollywood movies, there’s always someone wanting a piece of the Staten Island native.

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After dazzling fans as hip-hop hopeful “DeeVee” on VH1’sThe Breaks , Mack is already back on television in the police drama series Shots Fired. However, even with a grueling shoot schedule, Wilds still found time to give his fans the album they have been asking for since 2013’s Grammy award winning LP, A New York Story.

“We’ve been recording for a while but honestly for, one, I just wanted to drop [and album] for the people and, two, we finally caught that vibe,” says Mack about his sophomore album. Once you catch that vibe and you harness it, and make it what you want to make it, you got to give to the people.”

AfterHours showcases the singer’s growth not only as a vocalist, but also as a man, one who has been through his fair share of failed relationships and scandalous nights out on the town. It was actually his lonely nights that inspired him to push his limits for the undeniably soulful album.

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“It’s one of those records where I tried to explore what the feelings were on all those nights when you’re at home by yourself,” explains Mack. “The night time can bring out some crazy things. Text message are different at night, break-ups feel different different at night. In a weird way, that’s when your feelings awaken. I just wanted to capture what that felt like in the city.”

Along with the project, Mack also made his official directorial debut for a Tidal-released mini-series based on AfterHours. You can watch it here, and pick up the album on iTunes now.

“I think when you’re speaking from the heart it always comes off true, that’s the biggest thing for me,” says Mack about writing his own music. “I’m bringing a sound back to New York that people have missed. That’s my lane. I’m a New York kid just singing my heart out.”

Watch Mack open up about his live show and acting roles below.