Man Lights Himself On Fire, Streams Episode On Facebook Live

Facebook Live has been infamous for recent suicide attempts around the country. A 33-year-old Tennessee musician named Jared McLemore died at the hospital after attempting suicide by burning himself alive on Facebook Live.

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According to CBS News, McLemore doused himself in kerosene around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday (May 13) in a parking lot across the street from Murphy’s Bar in Memphis, where his ex-girlfriend reportedly. He ran into the bar on fire while videotaping himself, and a patron attempted to halt the flames by throwing shirts on him.

Witnesses say that McLemore reportedly said “goodbye” to his ex-girlfriend before wiping her hand on his kerosene-soaked chest. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died from his injuries. His video was on his Facebook for six hours and shared thousands of times before being taken down.

According to reports, McLemore was sentenced to probation early this year for domestic assault charges, and was ordered to go to mental health evaluations. He threatened his ex-girlfriend on multiple occasions, and reportedly was arrested for strangling her in August 2016.

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This is one of many tragic and shocking suicides and deaths via Facebook Live. A man from Brooklyn recorded himself jumping out of an 11-story window to his death, and earlier this year, a manhunt began after a Cleveland man shot an elder to death live on the website.