Nearly 400 Oaklanders Spent Their Saturday Afternoons Biking With Marshawn Lynch


While you were tidying the house or tossing back post-church mimosas with friends at brunch, Marshawn Lynch was kicking it with a gaggle of familiar and unfamiliar pals in the Bay Area. On Saturday (May 20), the new Oakland Raider led a parade of hundreds of bicyclists in his hometown.

The Friday before, he’d tweeted out a picture of himself on a black and gold bike, inviting the community to meet him in front of Oakland Technical High School, his alma mater, for an #OaklandRideout the next afternoon.

According to, as they made their way from Oakland down to Berkeley along College Avenue, about 300-400 riders came out, following behind Lynch as he and his bike clung on to the window of a slow-moving SUV. Those who weren’t on wheels were on the sidelines with smiles wide, snapping pictures as the former Seattle Seahawk rode by.

Five police cars reportedly held up the rear to make sure everything went smoothly.