Migos And Lil Yachty Give Their Opinion On The Top Five Greatest Rappers Of All Time

The younger generation of rappers oftentimes catch a lot of flack for not living up to the lyrical prowess of the generation prior. Old heads or hip-hop purists who want to “drop gems” and “school” newer artists usually start off arguments with “You know, back in my day” yada yada yada.

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And with all due respect to the MCs who earned number one hits and albums, survived diss tracks and everything in between, it doesn’t mean that the new crop of rappers aren’t aware of those who came before them or don’t have any respect.

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Migos and Lil Yachty, who are arguably two of the most popular artists sat for an interview with NME and answered the age old question about the top five greatest rappers of all time, and what may come as a shock to some, all four men paid homage to two hip-hop greats and one who is well on his way.

While Yachty came under fire late at the top of the year for admitting he didn’t know a single Biggie or Tupac song, he gave the honor to Kendrick Lamar. Quavo said Mr. Carter is deserving of the title and admitted that while in high school he didn’t understand why everyone respected him so much as lyricist.

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“On some real sh*t, it took me a couple of years to grow and understand that Jay is the guy,” Quavo said.

Offset said the honor belongs to fellow Atlanta native Andre 3000, who celebrated his 42nd birthday Saturday (May 27) and Takeoff agreed with Yachty when he said Kendrick Lamar has already earned the distinguished honor.