Mo’Nique Stands Behind Her Comments On Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels And Tyler Perry

Mo’Nique’s inner thoughts on Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels poured out on the Apollo Theater stage this past weekend. Telling the crowd that the three entertainment giants “white-balled” her after her 2010 Oscar win, the Baltimore native added that they can “suck my d**k if I had one.”

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Now, Mo’Nique is tackling the “blowback” in a recent TMZ interview. Alongside her husband, Sidney Hicks, the 49-year-old took her honesty cues from influential comedian, Richard Pryor, and said that people loved him because he always told the truth, no matter how damning it could be.

“There were people that said, ‘Oh how can you say that,’ and is it coming from my heart? Everything I say comes from my heart. I’m unapologetic about it,” she reaffirmed. Following her husband’s views on the situation, Mo’Nique left a message for Daniels, Winfrey, and Perry.

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“What I would say to you guys, what I would say to Oprah, Tyler, Lee: one thing about me and my husband, we not no hiders, we not no runners,” she said. “And when a sister says to me, ‘Aren’t you afraid of the blowback?’ What I would say to you as another woman, aren’t you afraid to even ask the question, ‘Am I afraid of the blowback,’ because you would say, ‘Am I getting blowback for simply being honest?'”

View her reaction below.

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