Mother Reportedly Helps Daughter Beat Up Another Student, Faces Battery Charges

On Thursday (May 18), police officials charged a mother with battery for assisting her daughter in the physical assault of another student at Redan High School.

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According to WSB-TV, the Dekalb County, Ga., based school issued a statement, writing, “The district will never tolerate altercations of any type on its campuses.” The victim says she was bullied for a year and that she tried “to defend myself, but I can’t really handle three people.” The sophomore sustained injuries to her head.

Darlene Smith, the young girl’s mother, questioned the school’s safety after the parent who assaulted her daughter was able to roam the hallways without being interrogated. “She checks in and then gets to walk around the school? And no security?” Smith said. “Where was security when my daughter was getting attacked?”

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