The Hunt For MS-13 Gang Expands Locally In New York

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is aiming to take on an transnational gang that has tabs kept by the FBI. This past Friday (April 28), Sessions said he wants to “devastate” MS-13, who are thought to be blamed for the surge in murders.

The most dangerous thing about the transnational gang is that they “engage in violence for sport,” declares Police Commissioner Timothy Sini. In a hearing for an alleged murder, for example, two MS-13 members reportedly laughed and smiled into the cameras.

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The gang first formed in LA during the ’80s, but has seen more than 7,000 of its members arrested within the last 10 years. Now, more than 10,000 MS-13 members are in existence in at least 40 states.

Police believe that the gang’s comeback is due in part to the recruiting of vulnerable children who cross the border alone. With gangs like MS-13, these kids are given a sense of family, something they’re looking for. Sini recognizes the importance of “weeding out those gang recruiters,” but also stresses the importance of implementing “community-based programs so that we deter and prevent gang recruitment.”

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Sini seems to be the only police commissioner in the country promising to deliver the abolishment of MS-13, and he’s equally as passionate about seeing it through, asserting that “we are not going to tolerate crime in our communities.” Although the eradication of MS-13 will take time, Sini refers to it as “a war that law enforcement does not intend to lose.”

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