No Malice Spreads The Truth In A World Filled With “Fake News”

If you’ve ever watched No Malice’s raw documentary, End of Malice, then you should know that his decision to choose faith over rapping about the streets hasn’t compromised his blunt honesty in his lyricism. And once again, he puts it all on front street as he calls out all the fakes, clowns, and frauds on his new single, “Fake News.”

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While we wait for his long-teased album Let the Dead Bury the Dead, No Malice, the elder of the world-famous Thornton brothers (Clipse) blesses us with a good helping of what’s to come. He gives fans an explosive track where he calls out not just all of the fugazi rappers faking like they live that life, but also lets everyone know how he’ll never choose money over what’s important to him; which is God, his dignity, and his younger bro Pusha T.

In fact, No Malice comes out the gate swinging with revealing bars like, “Ya’ll should have been there when I told ‘em to keep ya lil deal money/Look upon they face was like, “Is he for real?”/Real as any them scriptures you can quote/What made it real fact I had said it when I was broke/I’m Rakim had to tell them, I ain’t a joke/What it profit a man to gain the world yet lose his soul?”

The V.A. legend’s new banger is the latest from his long awaited forthcoming album, Let The Dead Bury The Dead. “Fake News” is available for purchase now on iTunes.