Plies On Mexican Immigrants: “Y’all Ain’t Building No Wall… Them My Buddies”


The former college football player-turned-rapper took to Instagram, and per usual, issued his two cents on a particular subject matter—this time, chiming in on current climate of immigration. “Hey, listen man. Y’all ain’t building a motherf**king wall. Y’all better leave them motherf**king people alone. Them my motherf**king buddies,” Plies said unsmiling while watching his daily dose of political television.

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“I’m talking about the Mexicans, the immigrants. You know, if I was them, I wouldn’t even wanna come over here to this raggedy motherf**ker, not how most of y’all motherf**kers treat ‘em,” he continued in the video below. “If anything you need to learn something from motherf**king Mexico. Ain’t nobody trying to work harder than them—I know that!”

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A stony-faced Plies drove home his message of solidarity by frankly putting his Latino brethren “pass you the ball every motherf**king time.” How is it that Plies can make this much sense before the general public can catch a whole clue?

That includes you, Donald.