Christian High School Tells Pregnant Maryland Teen She Can’t Attend Graduation


Maddi Runkles, a high school senior at The Heritage Academy in Hagerstown, Md., will not be permitted to attend graduation with her peers on June 2 because her school says she broke their code of conduct by having premarital sex. The 18-year-old is currently 25 weeks pregnant.

The Heritage Academy is a private, conservative, non-denominational K-12 school. At the beginning of each school year, each student and parent are reportedly asked to sign a pledge in which the students promise to “protect” their bodies from sexual immorality, alcohol and illegal drugs, among other perceived sins.

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There are only 15 students in Runkles’ senior class, which will make her absence obvious. She feels that she is being unfairly shamed for her pregnancy.

“You can’t be pro-life, but then refuse to support the girl that keeps her baby,” she says.

What are your thoughts on the school’s punishment?