Black People In Chicago Are Being Urged To Report Undocumented Immigrants


Flyers urging African American residents to report (speculatively) undocumented immigrants to authorities are circulating Chicago, and the fine print is not only inaccurate, but disturbing.

“Sanctuary city Policies endanger the lively hood[sic] of every american [sic], while violating federal law and destroying the black community.” The flyer also claims there will be an reward of $3,000 to $10,000 “per illegal reported” and asks that people “help Atty. General Jeff Sessions Help US Black People.”

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Alderman of the 15th Ward, Raymond Lopez, immediately slammed the leaflets. “The flyer offers outrageous and baseless claims that Latino immigrants are taking jobs away from African-American Chicagoans,” he told DNA Info. “Don’t fall for this phony argument.”

He added: “This flyer is a fraud, and an effort by some nameless entity to divide us and get people to sell their own neighbors, like Judas Iscariot, for a few pieces of silver. We all know how history remembers Judas.”

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The Trump administration recently lessened the threat to deny funding from sanctuary cities, including Chicago, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to yank only grants used to fight crime and terrorism—not all federal funds, as POTUS originally intended.

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