Rich Homie Quan Gets ‘Uncensored’ About His New Album & Relationship With Young Thug & Birdman


Rich Homie Quan has switched his life’s direction in more ways than one. Within the last year and some change, the “Flex” rapper has moved on from his former life as a prominent member of Birdman’s Rich Gang and has grown apart from his former partner-in-rhyme Young Thug. He even chopped off his hair in order to have a completely fresh start in life. Now that his legal woes with his former label Think Its A Game Records are finally over, Quan is more than ready to polish his music career and make it shine brighter than ever before.

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Earlier this week, Rich Homie Quan made his way down to Miami to have an unfiltered conversation with 99 JAMZ’ on-air personality Supa Cindy as apart of its ‘Uncensored’ series. Quan sat in front of a crowd of die-hard fans and spoke about his struggles growing up. He talked about how much it hurt when he missed out on his opportunity to go to college on a baseball scholarship.

Around the 20:30 mark, Quan gave up an important update about his forthcoming album dropping via Motown Records entitled Rich As In Spirit. After speaking on his past legal troubles, Cindy asked Quan how and why he got tied in with Rich Gang in the first place. Rich Homie replied by saying he never wanted to sign with Bird at all.

“We all came in as solo artists. It was like we’re just going to collaborate on a project and we’ll see what it do. There was never any paperwork involved. I never wanted to sign with Bird. Nothing against Bird, but I just didn’t want to sign with him.”

He also cleared the air on how he feels about Birdman and Young Thug today. He still speaks with the Cash Money founder to this day and says there’s no bad blood between him. As far as his relationship with Thugger, the “Lifestyle” rapper said they remain civil but they aren’t the besties that they used to be.

“We don’t got no bad blood, but we don’t talk, Rich Homie said. “We don’t talk everyday like you’d think we’d talk everyday. It is what it is. I wish him the best.”