All About The Benjamins: Diddy & Jay Z Top Richest Men In Hip Hop List

Yes, Diddy and Jay Z are still rich. That should come as no surprise, but just in case you were unclear of how filthy rich these two moguls are, Forbes released its “Richest Men in Hip Hop” list this month, placing the two Sean’s in the top two.

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According to the “Forbes Five’ list, Diddy is the number one baller with a whopping $820 million. Most of that hard-earned cash is attributed to his various partnerships with Cîroc vodka, DeLeon tequila, and a very large and lucrative stake in Revolt.TV. Jay Z, who was third on the list last year, moved up to the number two seat, raking in $810 million. Jigga reportedly saw a 30% increase in dollar bills after Sprint invested $200 million in Tidal, which ultimately boosted the streaming service’s worth to $600 million. Additionally, Jay has other successful business ventures including Roc Nation and Armand de Brignac. With all that money, the two should really join forces.

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As for the rest of the money team, Dr. Dre reportedly rolls behind Jay with $740 million. Birdman also gets a spot on top with $110 million, which is a tad bit comical and unsettling considering his current financial battle with Lil Wayne. Former Cash Money family, Drake also rounds out of the “Forbes Five” with $90 million. It must feel good to be that rich.

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