Scott King Bares Inner Thoughts In New Song “Hopeless”


Brooklyn native Scott King, formerly known as Q Da Kid, gets vulnerable and spits his truth on his latest song “Hopeless.”

The chorus of the Bryan Michael Cox produced track borrows lyrics from the late 1990s hit “Hopeless” by Dionne Farris: “I was dreaming, then reality soaked in/ Like a penny with a hole in it, a n***a feelin’ hopeless.” King also shares feelings of loneliness in his hustle for success and a reliance on faith.

“The whole concept [of the song] was a state of mind I was in that day, just feeling hopeless wanting to accomplish more but it not seeming possible,” he tells VIBE.

King’s close relationship with producer “B. Cox,” whom he met through Jermaine Dupri, helped the artist open up on his single.

“He is more like a brother to me,” King says. “We worked on a few records prior to this one, but this was my lane, my vibe, my story.”

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