Shaq Took Everyone’s Advice And Finally Got A Pedicure


Last week, Shaquille O’Neal must’ve wanted NBA fans and anyone who paid their cable bill on time to suffer as the Inside The NBA talking head took off his shoe and showed his hideous feet. Shaq’s feet began to trend resulting in the entire Internet shaking its head in disgust.

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While it’s understood the 7’1 former NBA champion endured many hard nights on the court, and his size 22 feet also took a beating, no one was prepared.

Well it appears as if Mr. O’neal took everyone’s advice and finally decided to tend to his feet. On Wednesday (May 31) Shaq recorded himself getting a pedicure, and while we here at VIBE are happy he took a proactive approach, we can’t say the pedi helped much.

#shaq’s feet 😷

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Scrub down

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Someone send the woman scrubbing Shaq’s heel a fruit basket.

The inspiration for Shaq’s pedicure (aside from the fact that his feet looks like pure death) is because he plans to reveal them during Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Walaaaa #bigplatunumdiamondtoes #nomoreuglyfeet #bigsexyfeetass

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So what do you think? Does Shaq’s feet look better after the pedicure, or should he just always keep them covered? Sound off in the comments.