Social Media Is Pretty Much Up In The Air About Men Rocking Rompers


If these Chicago creatives tell it, Summer 17 will be filled with good vibes and men rocking their budding fashion collection, The RompHim.

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Talk of The RompHim began this week when ACED Design, a group comprised of business school friends, posted to Kickstarter their blueprint to the garment–a romper created solely for men. Made in Chicago, the RompHim is hoping to be a staple for men to wear on the beach, festivals and just all the “Dudes Night Out” adventures. The designs are cheeky and clearly catered to all the bros out there who love pastels just as much as they love gentrification.

They’re also being packaged as the perfect piece to match with bae.

But of course, social media had their own take on the RompHim as it trended on Twitter Tuesday (May 16).

The jokes caused a conversation about male masculinity but also a win for RompHim. After only asking for $10,000 to fund their line, the team raised over $100,000.

Will you rock a RompHim this summer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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