A Mother Slapped Her 6-Year-Old Son For Making His Grandmother A Mother’s Day Card And Not Her


A South Carolina woman has been charged with cruelty to children for slapping her 6-year-old son for making his grandmother a Mother’s Day card and not her. Thirty-year-old Shontrell Murphy admitted to police she hit her son but “does not believe it was in a hard or violent manner.”

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The Spartanburg Police Department were called to a home last week responding to a disturbance. Upon arrival, authorities saw a grandmother standing between her daughter and her grandchildren. The grandmother told police her daughter slapped her son several times in the front, side and back of the head.

The police report states Murphy repeatedly slapped her son in the head after ripping up a Mother’s Day card that was intended for the boy’s grandmother. The child later admitted to police that his mother hits him and his sibling regularly and they’re scared of her.

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The boy was then taken to the hospital for evaluation and later released.