There’s A Chance Portions Of Trump’s Border Wall Will Be Built By Latinos


President Donald Trumps isn’t letting a major factor like funding stop him from building a U.S. border wall from Mexico. Press secretary Sean Spicer has shared materials for the project are already in the making at ironically one of the biggest Latino-populated cites in the United States.

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During the White House press briefing Wednesday (May 3), Spicer discussed Trump’s frustrations with the Senate, the questionable timeline of his healthcare bill and questions surrounding the president’s border wall, or what Spicer refereed to as the Title VI Bill. On Sunday (April 30), during a ceremony for the U.S. Air Force Academy at the White House Rose Garden, Trump was thrilled to share that the bipartisan budget deal for the fiscal year included funds to cover it, except that it hasn’t.

Spicer confirmed that funds for the reported $497 million project will be included in the proposed budget in October. He also claimed an overflow of other bills took up space in the budget, but included steel levee and bollard designed walls are currently being made in Naco, Arizona and Sunland Park, New Mexico. His language also contradicted Trump’s claims to build a new wall when he stated that Trump’s budget would only cover 40 miles of “border fencing.”

“We are going to be able to start doing this in San Diego, El Paso and the Rio Grande Valley,” he added.

New Mexico shares a high population of “Hispanics”, surpassing Caucasians in the 2010 Census by a 2.5 percent increase. Latinos now make up 46.3 percent of the state while Caucasians now represent 40.5 percent. No companies have revealed themselves to be the Bob the Builder of Trump’s dreams, but it does leave his supporters to think that local Latinos might be.

“He’s using the best technology,” Spicer said. “The President said he is going to build a wall and that’s what he’s doing, the Department of Homeland security said under secretary John Kelly it’s the most effective way to keep people out, to stop drugs, to stop human trafficking and to stop illegal immigration.”

Hear Spicer’s comments at the 26:00 min mark in the video above.

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