The Recap: 4 Memorable Moments From ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 13 Premiere


Rachel Lindsay is a 31-year-old attorney from Dallas and the leading lady has chosen to head the annual Hunger Games, also known as the 13th season of ABC’s The Bachelorette.

In #BachelorNation, Lindsay is a woman of firsts. She was the first black woman to ever receive the First Impression rose, bestowed upon her by Nick Viall during his round as The Bachelor. Now, she is the first African-American lead that the Bachelor franchise has seen in its 15 years on the air, including 21 seasons of The Bachelor and 12 seasons of The Bachelorette. The primetime television show has been criticized in the past for its extreme lack of diversity. It’s not surprising that Rachel’s barrier-breaking role has increased the show’s already monumental viewership. In fact, the premiere reeled in an average of 5.7 million viewers, many of who tuned in for the first time only to catch a glimpse of her black girl magic.

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On Monday night (May 22), under the faux, fluorescent moonlight, Rachel met her thirty-one suitors. One by one, Each gentleman arrived by limo, ambulance and marching band hoping to make a lasting first impression. The most diverse cast to date — nearly half of which being black males compared to the typical token two or three — also came with an array of props and gimmicks and cringe-worthy puns. Once inside the mansion, armed with petty jealousy and free liquor, the men began a two-hour blood bath of vying for Rachel’s affection.

Each week, I will be watching #BachelorNation’s historical season and keeping a tally of every episode’s most notable moments. To kick things off, here are the most memorable moments from the bachelorette’s potential candidates in Episode 1. May the odds be ever in their favor.

1. Adam Showing Up With A “Friend”

The 27-year old real estate agent from Rachel’s hometown decided to bring a friend with him to the mansion–a 3-foot tall doll named “Adam Jr.” or AJ for short. As one of the fellow suitors likened it to the horror film Annabelle, and I can’t help but agree. Its creepiness was only enhanced by the producers positioning the doll to hold a glass of champagne and giving it a confessional with a french voice over. Although Adam did receive a rose at the end of the night, we’re hoping we won’t be seeing much more of AJ. Stop trying to make the doll happen. It’s not going to happen.

2. Bryan Wasting No Time To Put A Move On Rachel’s Heart

The first kiss of the season was initiated by Bryan, a Spanish-speaking chiropractor from Miami who claims Colombian ancestry. Rachel, obviously smitten with his bilingual tongue and bold moves, gave Bryan the coveted first impression rose. Although the viewing audience only sees glimpses of the conversations that the bachelorette has with her parade of men, I personally believe other men were more deserving of the rose that typically designates a “front-runner” for the season. I’m already suspicious that Rachel is mistaking lustful first encounters for signs of a potential love match, but time will tell.

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3. Josiah And His Lame Lines

Josiah, a fellow attorney from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is destined to be the orchestrator of his own demise. Leading with corny lines such as “See ya later, litigator,” Josiah is a bit too big for his britches. He confidently boasted to the other men that he believed he would receive the First Impression rose and even went as far as to pin it to his jacket lapel and take a strut around the room. Naturally, when he learned Rachel had given Bryan the rose, his ego took a hit. BLOOP.

4. Milton’s Fashionable Fist Full Of Tears

Of the seven hopeless romantics that Rachel sent packing Monday night, fans will find it hard to forget Milton, who broke down in tears about all the new outfits he bought for the show that America would never get to see.

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8/7C on ABC.