3-Year-Old Honors Grandmother By Recreating Iconic Photos Of Strong Women


Who can’t remember loving to dress up during your toddler years as either your favorite princess or superhero? It’s a cultural phenomenon that translates over into academia as in elementary school, we’re asked to decorate ourselves in attire that would answer: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”—as if we’d even have a clue. But this mother-daughter team took the game to a new symbolic level with their Instagram page, @hello.scout.

Scout Larson, is the three-year-old toddler a part of the mother-daughter duo. Her instagram page features herself reinvented as notable powerful, influential and strong women in some of their most iconic photographs. Mother Ashley Jinks Larson revealed in an article, published in HuffPost Wednesday (May 17), that she began the photo campaign with her daughter after her own mother had been diagnosed with cancer.

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“I started doing the photos mostly to keep our minds busy while we were all dealing with a tough time,” the mom said. “We shot mostly fierce women, because I wanted to replicate that strength in Scout. I wanted to have photos to show Scout that women are amazing and tough, just like her Nonnie (my mom). I’m happy to announce that my mom is cancer free now!”

Nothing says #girlpower quite like Frida Kahlo. #scoutstolemystyle

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Ashley Larson attests that her “full of personality” toddler is a fashionista already. Her current obsession being rainboots. So, there’s no doubt that they both have fun putting together pieces for their looks from already-owned, borrowed and new clothes and accessories.

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In their #TwinningTuesday epidemic, the Larson girls highlight their favorite perceived strength of each person channeled in each post. But, Ashley Larson admits her favorite strength of her daughter’s is her ability to easily make friends, her compassion and sweetness. She claims that her daughter acts like a “the little mommy” when it comes to her brothers, and can easily strike up conversation with people no matter where they go.

Overall, Larson admits that her goal is for when people who wander to Scout’s page see that girls can be “fierce, funny, smart or whatever they decide they want to be.”

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