T.I.’s “I Believe” Video Reflects The Realities And Skepticism In Our Communities


For as long as we’ve known him in and out of the spotlight, T.I. has never been a man to hold his tongue. When controversial situations arise, like Lil Wayne’s dismissal of the Black Lives Matter movement and the political foolery in our country, we can count on the Atlanta rap icon to share his 10 cents and then some.

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So what better way to make a statement than to put it in visual form to the sonic backdrop of Us Or Else, Tip’s political statement piece from Dec. 2016. He uses “I Believe,” the first song on the LP, to show the duality of thought and the reality of America’s wrongs. T.I. plays both the pastor urging the community to pray, organize and be active, as well as the skeptic to offer counterpoints to pastor Tip’s message.

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As the people later march towards the line of police, hoodie-wearing T.I. is not with it, and instead stands on the sidelines with his friends watching the perceived fruitlessness of the protest. Watch it all up top.

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