Tomi Lahren Tried To Tweet Something Clever And Wale Reminded Her She’s Unemployed

Tomi Lahren and Wale have a rather interesting “relationship,” and by relationship we mean, she says or tweets something that could be deemed hypocritical, problematic or false and the Shine artist reminds her, her comments won’t be tolerated. On Thursday (May 25), their relationship took center stage once again.

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Lahren, who was fired from The Blaze earlier this year for disagreeing with her boss on abortion rights, initially came under fire when Notre Dame’s 2017 graduating class walked out during Vice President Mike Pence commencement speech. Lahren called their peaceful protest disrespectful and said that type of behavior won’t work in the real world.

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Lahren’s comments didn’t fly with many and she was quickly reminded she’s actually out of a job. Lahren took to Twitter again to tweet something she thought was witty only to have her feelings, once again, hurt by our dear friend Wale.

Ahh, Wale. Don’t you just love him?