U.S. And Mexican Skaters Kick-Push Against Trump In ‘Build Ramps Not Walls’ Film

Build Ramps Not Walls, a new documentary directed by Brian Adamkiewicz and produced by Rebecca Scotti puts a magnifying glass on those aiming to dismantle the idea of Donald Trump’s wall and build, instead, a stellar DIY skate park in Punta de Mita, located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

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The film spotlights how adults and children from the U.S. and Mexican skateboarding community unite to create a skate park with the same materials being used for the proposed wall. The documentary also demonstrates how people from diverse backgrounds can come together through their love for a sport, instead of being divided for socio-political reasons.

The footage, according to Remezcla, is comprised of various interviews from both children and adults. “The wall is scary, and the ramp could be scary too, but it doesn’t take people apart,” explains a blonde-haired youth featured in the documentary’s trailer. Additionally, it also highlights the hands-on hard work the community is putting into creating the project.

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With Trump’s poisonous and divisive tactics seemingly in plan, there’s no denying Build Ramps Not Walls is challenging the Republican party’s agenda. It’s going against the status quo by dissecting the bond that people create through common interest, and suggests what is far larger than what society stipulates must divide them because of race and class. What’s keeping humans together here isn’t race or culture, but their unwavering love of skateboarding.