Travis Scott Fans Voluntarily Fall From Balconies During Rowdy New York Show


Travis Scott’s fans are all about living life on the edge. This was seen over the weekend when footage of his recent show at Terminal 5 in New York took fandom to new heights.

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The rapper borrowed themes from his Coachella performance a week prior into his NYC stop on the “Birds Eye View Tour,” with the inclusion of a large animatronic hawk and a surprise performance from Playboi Carti. From there, Scott performed fan favorites like “Antidote,” “Pick Up The Phone,” “beibs in the trap,” and “Mamacita,” with a fan inviting themselves on stage just to jump off.

Mosh pits aren’t new in the rap world, but some fans pushed their longing to be a part of the beautiful mess to the limit. A few brave folks were seen jumping from the third balcony of the venue, proving with a little liquid courage, hennything is possible.

One fan who reportedly broke his legs from his leap was gifted with a presumably diamond encrusted ring by the rapper. TMZ adds the fan was carried out the venue, but no police or ambulance were called.

Scott’s next stops on the tour will take him to Pittsburg followed by Virginia, Florida and North Carolina, but we’re not sure if anything can top the Big Apple.

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