Premiere: Warm Brew & Hippie Sabotage Have Money To Burn On “Let’s Get Paid”


Warm Brew has truly earned all the accolades stacking up on their growing resumes since the days of shared 30 packs of beer and 2 for 99 cents Swisher Sweet packs. The trio of Manu Li, Ray Wright, Serk know how to have fun, but also take their craft pretty damn serious.

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Premiering on VIBE today (May 4), the group teamed up with the one and only Hippie Sabotage for a motivational song dubbed, “Let’s Get Paid.” With a hook that would make Nate Dogg smile down from heaven, the guys rap about more then just countin’ up dead presidents on the groovy record.

“Let’s Get Paid” is something we’ve lived by for years. Before we hit the stage, the 3 of us huddle up on some real team sh*t and say it. It’s like a rallying cry,” says Warm Brew’s Serk. Getting paid for us is much more than just stackin’ up some money, it’s the achievement of a goal, set out for years ago, by 3 young men who’ve earned everything every step of the way.

Warm Brew is working on a new project due out later this year.

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