A Film Festival Got #WhitePeople Trending, And Raised Some Important Conversations

Those who noticed that #WhitePeople was trending last night (May 13) on Twitter were not alone. In fact, the topic was brought up thanks to a film festival called “Define American,” which was held in North Carolina.

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According to the website, the festival, organized by the non-profit media organization’s founders Jose Antonio Vargas, Jake Brewer, Jehmu Greene, and Alicia Menendez, was aiming to create a conversation about the range of cultures America has to offer.

The MTV documentary titled White People was shown at the festival, and got people talking. The doc aims to share a series of “teachable moments” to white people about their privilege in the United States, while also letting minorities let out their frustrations on the topic of race in a non-threatening environment.

However, without knowing the context of the topic, many people were quick to jump the gun and assume the hashtag was about pinning the blame and throwing hatred towards whites, and resorted to below-the-belt insults regarding race and politics.

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Others took the hashtag to point out that the backlash and “attack” of the hashtag further proves the point of the documentary.

What do you think?