Wiz Khalifa’s Memorial Day Tweet Did Not Sit Well With Fans


Memorial Day is a day to recognize and thank the hard working men and women in our military for their services and sacrifices. Wiz Khalifa got people talking when he tweeted out his thoughts on the holiday, stating that people have lost the meaning of it throughout the years.

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“When you get my age Memorial Day is about getting sh*t faced by the pool, eatin Bbq and not rememberin sh*t so…Yea,” he wrote on Sunday (May 28). Many people replied to the Taylor Gang MC’s comments in a very negative way.

“Like damn wiz I just lost all respect for you,” one user wrote, while others believed that the rapper’s thoughts about the holiday were disrespectful to those who lost their lives serving our country.

“[Memorial Day] could also be about my brothers and sisters that died out there fighting for the right for you to enjoy a weekend off,” a Twitter user wrote.

Wiz followed up on his controversial tweet by stating that he “Didn’t mean anything rude, that was just [my] way of saying sometime people rather focus on the good times than the bad.” A fan wrote that those who had a problem with his initial tweet “…are prolly drunk by the pool right now too.”

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