Woman Charged With Father’s Murder After He Called For Her Eviction


Brittany Simpson is facing possession of a firearm and murder charges following the shooting death of her father, Robert Simpson, Heavy reports. The Charleston, South Carolina resident lived in her parents’ million dollar home rent free.

For reasons undisclosed, her parents presented the 31-year-old with an eviction order, but given Simpson’s future actions she didn’t take kindly to their mandate. Simpson’s attorney, David Aylor, issued a statement to PEOPLE, noting that his client was unemployed and had an unspecified disability.

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“The only thing that I can confirm is that Brittany was currently on disability and was not working,” he said. “Though she wasn’t currently working, she was still a pretty active person in regards to recreational activities and things like that, her disability wasn’t hampering her from that.” Simpson initially pinned the murder on an intruder, but following an investigation, authorities found her sodden clothes and a handgun in a nearby creek, The Post and Courier reports.

Simpson’s mother was asleep in a downstairs room when she heard the gunshots. Once her mother was alerted, she said that’s when her daughter entered the house stating that she pursued an intruder toward the back of the home. However, investigators began to piece together the clues and deemed Simpson as the suspect.

Simpson is currently being held without bail.

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