Young Dro Explains Why He Won’t Be Rocking A “Romphim”

For the past two days, Romphims, or rompers for men have commanded the attention of the Twitterverse. Hilarious memes have circulated and girlfriends everywhere are plotting on the wardrobes of their boyfriends or husbands. Amidst the fashion-fueled chaos, a picture of rapper Young Dro emerged wearing a floral ensemble that appeared to be a romper. It seemed like Dro was riding the Romphim wave, and his fans were split on the issue.

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The Da Reality Show rapper caught word of the shots at his fashion taste, and took time to set the record straight.

In a video posted to Twitter Wednesday (May 17) Dro makes it clear he was wearing a Ralph Lauren matching short and shirt set, not a romper. In a stream of videos on Trae Tha Truth’s Instagram page, Dro gives a more detailed reason as to why this trend isn’t for him.

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“Man, we ain’t putting no sh*t to connect our nuts,” the Atlanta native says. “If I gotta take all my clothes off to get some h**d I’m not wearing it.”

While Young Dro might rock some fly ‘fits, he’s made it clear that he’s all about fellatio before fashion.