Epic Fail: Akon Awkwardly Belly Flopped On Fans During A Show In Canada

What is with rappers taking a nose dive into crowds of fans? Akon was the latest to try crowd surfing during a show in Edmonton, Canada on June 19, and let’s just say, he failed miserably.

In a fan video posted by TMZ, the “Locked Up” artist was seen struggling to catch his balance as screaming fans tugged on his hands. Thankfully, it looks like he was able to find his footing on an elevated stage as fans raged around him, but it only got worse from there. After holding what appeared to be a disco ball, Akon let go, assuming the belly flop position and falling face first into a pile of fans. What’s even crazier than the sight of seeing him get swallowed by the crowd, is that the rest of the audience continued to party as if nothing happened. Eventually, Akon found his way out of the rabbit hole and even managed to successfully crowd surf his way onto the main stage. It’s unlikely he made it to the other end scratch-free however.

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Akon’s belly flop was pretty gnarly but not as bad as XXXtenacion’s crowd interaction at a concert in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Florida rapper reportedly jumped from about 15 feet above the ground into a sea of fans, injuring a number of people. Lil Uzi Vert similarly took a nose dive into a crowd of people, injuring one fan in particular. Rappers may want to give the crowd surfing a rest for awhile.