Al Sharpton’s Father’s Day Mirror Selfie Has The Internet Cracking Jokes


The internet never misses an opportunity to crack a few jokes. Al Sharpton made it to the social media’s trending list Sunday (June 18), thanks to a Father’s Day mirror selfie that turned the Twitterverse into a stand-up comedy show.

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Sharpton posted a photo of himself  rocking basketball gear, along with and a list of  his plans for the day.

“Headed to workout at dawn, then I’m live on Politics Nation with Al Sharpton at 8 a.m./EST on MSNBC, then on my national radio show from 9-10 a.m., and then I preach the 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. services at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Newark, [New Jersey],” Sharpton wrote. “Thank God for energy and purpose as I celebrate another Father’s Day.

He also made sure to get a full view of the casual look, which apparently caught some attention.

And the jokes kept rolling in, like a tsunami.

Since we rarely see the 62-year-old civil rights activist rocking anything but a suit and tie, it’s pretty clear that Sharpton’s basketball shorts and T-shirt ensemble caught just about everybody off guard.

Hit the gallery for more jokes.

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