‘Insecure”s Amanda Seales Takes Caitlyn Jenner To Task About Privilege


Insecure actress and comedian Amanda Seales was a guest on Katy Perry’s multi-day live stream dinner party “Witness World Wide,” where she and other guests like political commentators Van Jones and Ana Navarro, comedian Margaret Cho and reality star Caitlyn Jenner discusses politics and more with the singer.

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Seales explained to Jenner how views of America are different from person to person, and that the plight of a black woman is something that Caitlyn could never understand.

“It’s an insult to me that you are not listening to what I’m saying,” Seales says. “The reason I am so passionate is that I have had a different experience in this country than you. Because as a black woman the government is so much in my life.”

“If this is a conversation about having conversations, then we have to be listening to each other,” she continued. She then went on to discuss that things have been difficult for black people for years, commenting on policies of the 1960s such as Section 8.

“The government literally said that black men couldn’t even be in the house, or else women could not get welfare, and that’s a big reason why there’s such a chasm between black women and black men in this generation.”

She concluded by saying that America hasn’t been sunshine and roses for the trans community either, and that Jenner needs to acknowledge her privilege as a wealthy trans woman.

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“This country is here for you. This country ain’t here for me in the same way, sis.”