2017 BET Awards - Show
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BET Awards 2017: Re-Live The High And Low Moments

What were your highlights and lowlights?

The 2017 BET Awards did not hold back on the assortment of tweetable moments from stars of the stage and screen. We watched the show with you from start to finish and were able to assess what moments thrilled us and which ones chilled us (for the wrong reasons).

Check out a few of the high and low moments from the night below.

High: Bruno Mars' Energetic Opening Performance

The 24K man rocked it out with his equally-as-entertaining band to his song "Perm," which featured interpolations of Outkast's "The Way You Move." Serving up tons of subtle-yet-impressive dance moves, and also making sure the audience was "all the way live," there was no denying that this was the perfect way to start the show.



High: Honoring Those Making A Difference

It was heart-warming to see the likes of Solange take a moment to acknowledge those (like Tamika Mallory) who have dedicated their lives to fight for social change or serve others less fortunate and without (like Michael and Martellus Bennett).



Low: Leslie Jones' Bush Joke

...and no we're not talking about George W. Host Leslie Jones missed the mark early on with a joke referencing Amber Rose's infamous Slut Walk promotional picture from Instagram, where she bared all in a now-deleted snap. Jones said that Rose and her have "a lot in common," and stated that her...um...area is more like "Frederick Douglass," while Rose's is more like "James Harden." That's when we promptly got up off of the couch due to sheer second-hand embarrassment.

High: Remembering The Faces Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

The stars of the upcoming film Detroit (Algee Smith, Jacob Latimore, Jason Mitchell and Laz Alonzo) made sure to bring the spirit of awareness to the awards. They named some of the figures central to the Black Lives Matter movement before announcing the Centric Award winner, such as Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and more.

"Our generation has the power to influence change" said Mitchell.

High: Migos' Iced-Out Trap Medley

Starting off with Post Malone and "Congratulations," the trap trio got the crowd going with "T-Shirt" and the Donald Glover-approved "Bad And Boujee." We couldn't ask for anything more turnt, and the audience was loving every moment.



Low: Trey Songz Singing Live

Don't get us wrong, Trigga Trey has his moments. However, during his performance of "Nobody Else But You" and "Animal," the incredible amount of activity on-stage (hamster balls full of scantily-clad dancers, a rotating stage, smoke machines galore) did not make for show-stopping vocals. Maybe next time.


High: Leslie Jones' Fantasy Basketball Camp Sketch

You may not be able to ball out like LeBron or Chef Curry, but thanks to Leslie Jones' "Fantasy Basketball Camp," you can at least cook on the court like "a six-foot tall b**ch" who quit playing the sport in college to smoke weed. With signature moves like the "Devil's Elbow" and help from Los Angeles Clippers star Austin Rivers, this camp has everything you need. Just make sure you have $5,000 big ones to enroll.



High: Michelle Obama's Video of Praise

What better way to receive your Humanitarian Award than with the former First Lady of the United States of America personally giving you your props by way of a visual message? Yeah, we don't know either.


Low: Chris Brown's Underwhelming Performance

Despite silhouettes of seduction during "Privacy" and a dance session to "Party," CB's performance felt just a bit unfulfilling. We long for the days where Chris didn't sing with a backing track and danced as full-out as we know he can.



High: Mary J. Blige Shows Her Strength

With renditions of "Set Me Free" and "Love Yourself" featuring A$AP Rocky from her 2017 LP Strength Of A Woman, Mary shut it down vocally, showing us not only her strength but her talent as well. Not to mention, she was serving body and stunned in an intoxicating sequined number that had our jaws on the floor.



Low: The Show Runneth Over

While pressed for time during a live broadcast, things start to go a bit haywire. During the near 11:30 PM slot, legendary rapper MC Lyte announced presenter Issa Rae as Yara Shahidi, and while SZA was starting her performance of "Love Galore," technical issues screwed up the very beginning of the set, forcing her to start over.

Then around the 11:45 PM time slot, we got a DJ Khaled performance, a trailer for BET's upcoming show Tales, and a Lil Yachty joke that didn't quite land.

The show ended up finishing officially at 11:59 PM (EST). Some of us had to wake up today, but hey, life goes on.

High: Throwbacks Galore from New Edition and Xscape

Whether it was Xscape performing their hits "Understanding," "Who Can I Run To," and "Just Kickin It," or the incredible medley of New Edition hits from the stars of the BET film, The New Edition Story and the legends themselves, we were taken back to decades of yesterday for a night of good fun and great tunes.




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Mac Miller performs during Behind The Scenes With Mac Miller Filming Music Choice's 'Take Back Your Music' Campaign at Music Choice on July 17, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Thundercat, Juicy J, Ariana Grande And More Pay Tribute To Mac Miller For 27th Birthday

It's not lost on many just how much Mac Miller's influence affects today's lovers of hip-hop. The rapper and songwriter's passing was a blow to the industry last year as he seemed to be hitting a special space in his creative journey.

With today (Jan. 19) being what would've been his 27th birthday, friends and musical partners are sharing stories and messages of love about their favorite Capricorn.

Frequent collaborator and friend Thundercat shared on Twitter a moment Mac helped create with the "Them Changes" artist and his family. "All three of us were in the same room, playing and creating and enjoying music with Mac," he tweeted about an impromptu session with his brothers and Mac.

"Mac was and always will be a special dude, he was definitely Lebowski to me. I will always remember a man I considered to be another one of my real brothers and best of friends in the short time we got to spend together. I miss him so much every day."

See more touching messages from Mac's friends below.

Mac was hands down one of thee freshest people I’ve met so far in life, never a dull moment. I’ll share one of my favorite moments with you guys on this most dope day. I always enjoyed getting a chance to work with him, we would spend days at a time...

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

..Creating music, playing music and introducing each other to new music all the time. This is the day he met my brothers @drummaboiblue1 & @_K_I_N_T_A_R_O_ it was a bit of a whirlwind how it all happened because at separate times they both came flying...

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

...through the studio door at separate times of the late night. My older brother @drummaboiblue1 kicked the door in and starts rapping and making hip hop hands at Mac who was sitting at the computer and it was so intense he just turned and looked at me like..

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

...”Holy shit, this is your brother?” I didn’t know what to expect next because it could have easily gone south, but I got a chance to see what made Mac so special. My brother is hands down the most amazing drummer in the world *dont at me* and what I saw...

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

...from Mac really stays in my heart because I watched him turn my older brothers energy into creative energy by challenging him about the title of best drummer in the world, and handing him pots & pans and things from around the studio and the house...

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

..shortly after Mac turns to me & says “hey man your brother @_K_I_N_T_A_R_O_ is gonna come by, I immediately felt like there was a possibility that this would be overwhelming for Mac, as I have seen from past situations in life experience with people & us..

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

...but none the less, all three of us were in the same room, playing and creating and enjoying music with Mac. For those that don’t see the significance, music and family can be a very intense experience in itself in life (if you know, you understand)....

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

...it’s not always so easy and lighthearted like everyone would like to imagine it is however as it may be, the night went on,and the moment passed. Since that moment me and my brothers never really would be in that same setting and satire for years...

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

...the reason that this story is so special is because while we were working on what’s the use, he started going through old music and came across that song, when he played it I began to tear up and I had to keep myself together because it was so special...

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

...that he captured it! Almost like a photo. he turned to me and reminded me of how wild that night was and we had a good laugh about it and continued working. No one really owns any recordings of us like that, so it was really special to me...

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

...Mac was and always will be a special dude, he was definitely Lebowski to me. I will always remember a man I considered to be another one of my real brothers and best of friends in the short time we got to spend together. I miss him so much every day...

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

...he changed my life in a real way. Thank you @MacMiller Happy Birthday! pic.twitter.com/4HVdwj2fMs

— ashy daddy (@Thundercat) January 19, 2019

miss u.

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) January 19, 2019

Happy birthday Mac Miller! pic.twitter.com/DT31Smpbqt

— Hi-Tek (@HiTek) January 19, 2019

Happy Birthday @MacMiller. Love You Always & Forever

— THE INTERNET (@intanetz) January 19, 2019

Smile today - Mac Miller ❤️ pic.twitter.com/l5rmQDu5XE

— Karen Civil (@KarenCivil) January 19, 2019


View this post on Instagram


damn i miss this so much! i miss jamming with you and writing with you and talking about anything and everything. just watching you produce was my favorite. i miss the way you used to support me in everything that i did. i miss your smile and your tight ass hugs. i love you. happy birthday to a legend.

A post shared by NJOMZA (@notnjomza) on Jan 19, 2019 at 10:07am PST

Happy birthday to one of the purest artists I’ve ever known, Mac Miller 🙏🏾 RIP https://t.co/e8IIGaRjhx

— Talib Kweli Greene (@TalibKweli) January 19, 2019

we miss you and love you Mac Miller happy birthday

— rex orange county (@rexorangecounty) January 19, 2019

Happy bday to my brother Mac Miller i miss my bro every day https://t.co/pXAn552l1w

— juicy j (@therealjuicyj) January 19, 2019

happy birthday Mac! 👼 tell your friends you love em twice as much.

— bear (@6LACK) January 19, 2019

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