Bill Cosby On Trial On Three Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges
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Bill Cosby May Take The Stand At Sexual Assault Trial

Bill Cosby, currently on trial in Pennsylvania for his alleged 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand, is considering taking the stand, Deadline’s Dominic Patten reported Thursday night. Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt incidentally backed the report during a court recess Friday afternoon, when he suggested that the star would consider testifying. “We’re weighing every option,” Wyatt said.

According to Patten’s Thursday night dispatch, Wyatt suggested that Cosby was in a “good mood” about the developments of the trial. Friday morning, the jury heard parts of the 2005-2006 depositions that were part of a civil lawsuit brought against him by Constand — portions of which must have led the defense to believe that putting Cosby on the stand would help win more favor with the jury.

Portions of the deposition were unsealed in 2015 by Judge Eduardo C. Robreno, who, in response to a request from the Associated Press, agreed that the document was in the public interest. Robreno explained that the reason for unsealing the material was because Cosby has maintained an image as a “public moralist,” and has largely benefitted from the public’s trust as a result.

The article originally appeared on Death & Taxes.

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Niecy Nash Set To Star In Lifetime Film ‘Kidnapped: The Kamiyah Mobley Story’

With her recent role in Ava DuVernay's When They See Us and her main role as Desna Simms in TNT's Claws, Niecy Nash has been keeping herself busy. The actress recently nabbed the leading role in the Robin Roberts-produced film Kidnapped: The Kamiyah Mobley Story for Lifetime.

According to Deadline, Roberts' production company Rock'n Robin is partnering with Lincoln Square Productions to tell the true story of a young woman named Kamiyah Mobley, later renamed Alexis Manigo, who at age 18 discovers that she was kidnapped as a baby and raised to believe her kidnapper was her biological mother.

Nash has been slated to portray the kidnapper Gloria Williams, who is serving 18 years for the abduction. Co-starring with Nash are actresses Rayven Symone Ferrell and Ta'Rhonda James, who are set to play Mobley and her biological mother, respectively.

"I'm thrilled to share this young woman's story and produce something so poignant for the Lifetime audience," Roberts, anchor of ABC's Good Morning America said on the 2020 film. "I can't imagine anyone else tackling the complex role of Gloria than Niecy Nash. She's a talented and versatile actress and I can't wait to see it all come together."

Mobley was abducted just eight hours after her birth on July 10, 1998, by Williams who disguised herself as a hospital nurse. Williams attributes the kidnapping to a miscarriage she suffered the week before and to the loss of custody of her two children. It was only years later when Mobley tried to apply to a job and realized she couldn't because she didn't have a social security card or birth certificate to provide. Mobley became aware of her kidnapping months before Williams' arrest and still remains in contact with her to this day and refers to her as "mom."

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Whoopi Goldberg Reacts To Lizzo's 'Sister Act 2' Tribute

Lizzo shut the house down at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards on Monday (June 17) with her tribute to the 1993 film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. Following her performance, Whoopi Goldberg – the original star of the film – congratulated Lizzo on her amazing performance.

Lizzo performed her single "Juice" at the awards show. She channeled Lauryn Hill and the Saint Francis Academy's finale performance of "Joyful, Joyful." At the start of Lizzo's performance, she and her backup dancers were dressed in choir robes. Just like in the movie, the dancers were asked to remove their robes, where they then joined the rapper on stage. Lizzo also recreated much of the original choreography.

After catching wind of Lizzo's tribute, Goldberg responded on Twitter on Tuesday (June 18). "Girl YOU knocked the crap out of last night, and as your newest fan... kudos kudos kudos!!!" Goldberg tweeted.

As you may know, Goldberg starred in the 1993 sequel as Sister Mary Clarence, an undercover Vegas showgirl who infiltrated a strict Catholic school. Lauryn Hill and Sheryl Lee Ralph also starred in the film.

Check out Lizzo's performance and Goldberg's reaction below.

@lizzo Girl YOU knocked the crap out of last night, and as your newest fan... kudos kudos kudos!!!

— Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGoldberg) June 18, 2019

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Whoopi Goldberg Draws Controversy Over Bella Thorne Nude Pics

Whoopi Goldberg landed at the center of controversy this week over her comments on The View regarding actress Bella Thorne's nude photos. Thorne pulled out of her appearance on the daytime talk-show after accusing Goldberg of slut-shaming her.

Thorne said that she is “saddened and displeased” by Goldberg‘s response to her releasing her own nude photos in an attempt to take her power back from an alleged hacker who was blackmailing her.

It all goes back to Monday's (June 17) episode of The View when Goldberg suggested that celebrities should not be taking nude photos because they are at risk of being hacked. "If you’re famous, I don’t care how old you are. You don’t take nude pictures of yourself," the EGOT winner said.

She continued: "Once you take that picture it goes into the cloud and it’s available to any hacker who wants it, and if you don’t know that in 2019 that this is an issue, I’m sorry. You don’t get to do that."

Thorne addressed Goldberg’s sentiments on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday (June 18), stating "Dear Whoopi, I have loved u for so long but honestly I’m so displeased and saddened by your response to my leek [sic]. Blaming girls for taking the photo in the first place? Is sick and honestly disgusting."

The actress and singer also announced her decision to not visit the talk show because she didn't feel like "being beaten down by a bunch of older women." She later posted a video of herself breaking down in tears. "Whoopi, now that everyone’s seen my sh*t, I hope you’re so f**ing happy," she cried. "Shame on you Whoopi. Shame on you for putting that public opinion out there like that for every young girl to think that they’re disgusting for even taking a photo like that. Shame on you."

Whoopi and Bella's situation has garnered mixed reviews from fans on Twitter. While some agree with Goldberg, others feel as though she may have been a little too harsh considering the circumstances surrounding Thorne's leaked photos.

Check out the Twitter reactions below.

That reality pill is hard to swallow. She didn’t say she deserved it, but she’s right - if it’s in the cloud and with all the hacking that has been done, you can’t then be shocked it happened to you. Stop playing the victim.

— Jack Napier (@2nd2breathe) June 19, 2019


— Frenchie (@queensheeba1) June 19, 2019

Whoopi Goldberg is did not empower yourself. You just made everyone Google you more.

— ALLEYPOP (@ALLEYPOP) June 19, 2019

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