Billy Blue Delivers An Eye-Opening Sermon In His “Hell Below” Video

Billy Blue continues to live up to everything he preaches in his latest album Revelations with his new video for “Hell Below.” In Blue’s eyes, the real “hell” that he and his people live through every day is the unsubstantiated backlash from hot-headed law enforcement officials simply because of their look and skin color. For the Kuntry/ATG Films production, Blue describes a familiar situation that most PoC’s find themselves in, yet rarely survive.

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After going through some personal drama, one undercover cop in Miami decides to plan a stake to spy on Blue’s crew, who are simply making moves to make their music video. They know the cop is watching yet they continue on with their hustle. When they decide to leave, the cop immediately pulls them over and treats them as hostile criminals.

Push play to find out what happens to Billy Blue in his “Hell Below” video.