Premiere: Bone Thugs And Tank Reflect On Life In Their “If Heaven Had A Cellphone” Video


Krayzie Bone and Bizzy Bone are on a mission to restore that Bone-Thugs-feeling on the Billboard charts once again. After touching fans with their latest single “Coming Home,” the Cleveland O.G.s get even deeper in their new Tank-assisted music video for “If Heaven Had A Cellphone.”

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Even with all of their commercial success, Bone Thugs still feel the pain from loved ones that left this earth too soon. This is a song that touches home for many in this day and age.

“If Heaven Had A Cellphone” really awakens the imagination of the listeners–any listener,” says Krayzie Bone about the song. “Although I don’t believe in the afterlife, all of us at some point have wondered about this after the loss of a family member or close friend. ‘The What If’ scenario comes into play and you ask yourself, ‘What if I had a direct line to speak to my decease loved ones just one more time?’ Or if heaven had a cellphone and you had a direct line to God, what would you ask him?, or talk about? So this song really makes a person think about this, even myself as I was writing the song.”

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“If Heaven Had A Cellphone” is the third single from Bone’s forthcoming New Waves album. You can pre-order the album here.