Boogie Feels The Pain Of Reminiscing In “Won’t Be The Same” Video

When you know a project is good, it’s totally acceptable to milk it to the last drop. Take Boogie and his 2016 Thirst 48, Pt. 2 mixtape, from which he is still rolling out videos.

The excellent continuation of his 2014 tape of the same name┬áhas already borne three┬ávideos: “No Way,” “Sunroof” and, most notably, the Rihanna-cosigned “N***a Needs.” Now, he’s added an artistic fourth to the list with “Won’t Be The Same.” The song centers around feelings of longing after a relationship has run its course. The memories start to pour in and all the remember whens and what ifs flood in.

Watch how Boogie deals with heartbreak up top, and in the ill-fated chance that you’re not hip yet, stream Thirst 48, Pt. 2 here.