According To Boosie Badazz He’s The Bigger Gangster, Not Tupac

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With the release of the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me, the late rapper has been the topic of conversation. While his influence is still just as potent now as it was when he was alive, (Young Thug and Troy Ave have both called themselves the new Tupac) the comparisons between ‘Pac and Boosie Badazz is a bit more believable for some fans.

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While the Baton Rouge artist has always maintained a deep revere for Tupac, in a recent video the 33-year-old puts his gangster against ‘Pac’s and claims he’s the bigger gangster.

“I’m saying as far as, on an all out just real gangster sh*t, them n****s can’t even come close to me. I’ma tell you real sh*t. Like, they really rappers. They just rappers. I love the sh*t [out of] them but as far as… them n****s ain’t got no life like my sh*t.”

Boosie isn’t the type to throw stones then hide his hands, but it’s unclear which other rappers he’s referring to when comparing his gangster.

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Watch Lil Boosie speak his peace below.