Chicago Street Legend Bump J Says It Feels “Good 2 Be Home”

After serving a long eight year sentence for bank robbery, Chicago’s Bump J was released from FCI Elkton in Lisbon, OH earlier this year. After keeping a low profile, the legendary street rapper finally came through with some new heat titled “Good 2 Be Home.” Even during his incarceration, influential artists like Kanye West helped support the rapper through his trials and tribulations.

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With help from Cardo on the instrumental, Bump brings his life to wax as muses over his personal road-blocks, perseverance, and plans for the future.

“Parked the Rolls in the middle of the Warzone (woah woah)/They should’ve never left me out the Feds/Its gon’ run you a hundred to get me out the bed/Instead of eating they steady beefin’ without the bread.Meanwhile, I’m chasin’ green down ‘til we out the red,” Bump raps.

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Back in 2009, Bump J was sentenced to a minimum of seven years in prison after being convicted of a 2007 bank robbery in Oak Park, Ill. The Chicago rapper had just signed to Atlantic Records at the time and was on the verge of working on his major label debut album.

Bump is currently working on a new mixtape for release later this year.