Cardi B Is Perched At Her Throne In “Bodak Yellow”

Balcalis “Cardi B” Almanazar’s glow up will probably be discussed for ages, but it’s definitely a real one. On Saturday (June 24), she flaunted it for the whole world to see with the release of the video for her “Bodak Yellow” single that some are declaring, “might just be her breakout hit.”

Rightfully speaking life into her come up, the Bronx spitter boasts, “Look, I don’t dance now/I make money moves,” which couldn’t be more true for the artist.

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This past weekend, the Gangsta B***h Vol. 2 rapper attended her first ever BET Awards where she was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. Although she didn’t come home with the trophies, she’s still winning. The VIBE Viva cover star admitted to Everyday Struggle hosts on the BET carpet, that even though everything is overwhelming, it’s a reminder that it’s this way for a reason.

“It is overwhelming and it’s unbelievable and everything, you know? This music thing is hard, people think that you just make songs and they come out, but no. It’s a big process because you make song after song after song – and it’s like, ‘Damn, which is going to be the song that’s going to hit?’ or ‘Wow, are people noticing everything that I’m doing?’ because I’m bussin’ my ass. This gave me a stamp, like, ‘yeah, b***h, we see you.’”

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From making “bloody moves” in Christian Louboutins, to flaunting her sophisticated ignorance in Middle Eastern regality atop a camel – while paying homage to the flows of fellow rapper, Kodak Black – how else can we not see pictures and say goals, Cardi?