After Calling A Black Employee ‘Obama,’ CBS Radio Faces A Lawsuit

CBS Radio is living up to the Get Out-portrayed standard of bringing up former President Barack Obama’s name when in conversation with people of color. A former employee is suing the NYC radio broadcasting company for wrongful termination, according to reports released Wednesday (June 21).

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The black woman is claiming she was welcomed with the racially-induced greeting of fellow employees yelling, “Obama!” upon her entry to the office. Among other cases, TMZ describes the unidentified woman being “harassed, intimidated, and worse,” a supervisor allegedly threatened to shoot her.

The legal documents claim that after asking her supervisor a question, he responded with: “I’d shoot this b**** if I had a gun.” Upon hearing her superior’s statement, she reports being scared and confused about the comments made towards her.

To make matters worse, the woman is duly relating the office environment to that of a frat house. She recounted an incident where a male supervisor publicly detailed a “rub-n-tug” massage he formerly received.

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In the news of the former employee pressing charges, CBS Radio is asserting that her claim “is without merit,” attesting that the woman was fired because of tardiness.