Chance The Rapper Issues Formal Apology To Dr. Dre For Dissing Aftermath

Chance The Rapper makes a lot of bold statements in the name of the things he believes in, but he’s also mature enough to dial it back when he’s gone too far. While trekking the world on his Be Encouraged Tour, Chano made headlines with his choice of stage backdrop. A la Drake circa his Meek Mill beef, a projector flashed images of satirized versions of the logos of major labels, wordlessly jabbing them for trying to control artists like himself. Don’t Join Recordings (Def Jam), “Eclick (Epic Records),” “A Titanic” (Atlantic) some of them read.

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Dr. Dre’s Aftermath, stylized as “Cant Do Math” during the tour, was one of those mocked, and now Chance is apologizing for including certain artist-centered imprints in the mix that didn’t deserve the heat.

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Shout out to Chance for keeping the peace and making things right.