Charlamagne Questions Why Kodak Black Sounds Like Lawn Equipment In Superb Donkey Of The Day Roast


Charlamagne Tha God is no stranger to pissing people off. The Power 105.1FM co-host has made many enemies for the things he says, but no matter how you feel about the South Carolina native he’s never threw stones and hid his hands. If Uncle Charla said it, he said it and he’ll take whatever slander that comes along with it.

Florida rapper Kodak Black came under fire last weekend when he took to his Instagram Live and said black girls aren’t really his cup of tea. After his mentions earned the digital version of a drive-by shooting, the 20-year-old Tunnel Vision artist doubled down on his comments and said it’s not that he doesn’t like black girls per se, he doesn’t like dark-skinned black girls. Feeling the heat, Kodak deleted his social media.

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Admittedly there were many black women who were saddened to know that Kodak Black wasn’t checking for them, (sarcasm) and pondered what they would do now that Black announced he isn’t interested. (more sarcasm) However, what ticked Charlamagne off wasn’t Kodak Black’s comments, it was the fact that he made them and ran by way of deleting his social media accounts. The Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It author deemed this act worthy of the infamous Donkey of The Day title, in which Charlamagne made the astute observation between Kodak Black’s voice and that of lawn equipment.

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“If it’s one entity you don’t want no drama with in this era, it’s black women,” Charlamagne said. “You don’t want those problems. You don’t know what true slander is on social media until you piss off a group like black women and they swarm like Wu-Tang killer bees on your black ass.”

Charlamagne, an admitted fan of Kodak, continued “You can be an honest and wrong, but what I don’t respect is when people run. Kodak, you ran. Get on social media and take this L from black women. I didn’t delete my account when I pissed black women off, French Montana didn’t delete his account when he pissed black women off so you can’t delete yours either.”

Everyone, join in to give Brother Black the biggest hee-haw.