Bless Up Chicago: Chella H Escapes Near Fatal Shooting While Escorting Students To Prom


The rampant shootings in Chicago continue to take a toll on the city’s music scene and the youth. A tragedy almost occurred on someone’s prom night over the weekend.

On the night of June 11, Chi-Town artist Chella H and a group of high school students narrowly escaped a near fatal shooting as she was escorting them to prom over the weekend.

Chella H was spending the weekend volunteering to shuttle students back and forth to prom when six shots was fired into the vehicle. Pictures from the terrible incident show that some of the bullets went into the seat, missing her chest and head. Reports via Fake Shore Drive state that the shooting, like many others, was a case of mistaken identity.

A representative for Chella H sent over the following statement: (appearing on Fake Shore Drive first and edited for clarity).

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“Chicago rapper ChellaH vehicle was gunned down in Chicago June 11 as she drove home that evening after chaperoning some Chicago students to prom “That very night I almost lost my life driving down the same street I grew up on.” Pictures show her head and chest were missed by an inch, as far as police involvement she stated that she’s not pressing charges and has settled the issue herself, the perpetrators claimed to have got the wrong vehicle, her windows also had dark tints during the time of the incident . Chicago is very crime stricken, prayers for ChellaH during this difficult time.”

Pray for the city ya’ll.