Ain’t Mad At Ya: Diddy & Suge Knight Are Allegedly Feeling The New Tupac Biopic

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The premiere date of the new Tupac biopic, All Eyez on Me is quickly approaching, and despite the film offering one perspective on one of the most controversial times in hip hop, it doesn’t look like it will be rehashing the East Coast vs. West Coast feud. In fact, Diddy and Suge Knight are actually on the same page this time. The heads of Death Row and Bad Boy Records have reportedly seen an early version of the film and given their stamp of approval, TMZ reports.

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Because the film will reportedly relive the beef between the two record labels and their artists, Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., the film’s producer, L.T. Hutton, reached out to both parties in an attempt to get their feedback on how they were portrayed, according to production sources. Diddy reportedly loved the feature so much that he gave his blessing as well as his permission to use B.I.G.’s 1994 single, “Who Shot Ya?” on the soundtrack.

Suge Knight was reportedly not able to view the film personally, as he’s currently in lock up while he awaits his trial for a murder charge. Nevertheless, his legal team reportedly watched and described the film in detail to him, according to TMZ. Knight ultimately gave the green light because he reportedly has a trusting relationship with Hutton, the publication insists.

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It’s quite surprising that everyone is on board with the upcoming film. Suge hasn’t always been in favor of his portrayal in previous biopics. Following the debut of Straight Outta Compton, the mogul’s lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, spoke on his behalf, stating that the film was “exaggerated, silly, and ridiculous.” “A lot of the media does not realize how many good things he did for people, particularly in his community,” Mesereau said of his client’s not-so-nice depiction.

There is quite a bit of anticipation building up around this movie. While Diddy and Suge finally agree on something, let’s see if the fans find the biopic as equally entertaining. All Eyez on Me debuts in theaters on June 16.