Intro To Jookin’: 12 Miami Songs That Influenced DJ Khaled’s “To The Max”


Shortly after confirming Drake’s vocals were in, DJ Khaled dropped their new single “To The Max” along with the album cover and tracklisting for his upcoming Grateful album. The enticing beat – inspired by Miami native Major Nine’s “Get Em Right” and “#GusGetEmRight” by North Lauderdale producer JayO – had Miami hip-hop heads itching to bop and jook on any block immediately after the record dropped Monday morning (Jun 3).

Florida is still gassed about their classic sound spreading around the country. Meanwhile, Khaled’s fans in the North had a different reaction. Some attempted to embrace the record as their own once they heard a familiar sample from DJ Jayhood’s remix “Heartbroken.” However, since the undeniable Jersey Club style sample that jooks around Drake’s vocals exists in JayO’s record, the overall structure of “To The Max” is clearly a pure product of South Florida. Khaled even made sure to kill the debate of the record’s origin with his tweet jam-packed with nostalgic memories from the glory days of Carol Mart.

If you’re one of many who’ve been sleeping on Florida’s jookin’ movement, then here’s a crash course lesson on the sound that’s been keeping house parties and clubs in the South all the way live since the 2000s. Dade and Broward county natives like Piccalo, MMG’s Sam Sneak, rap group Grind Mode, DJ Chipman and more have helped usher in a live, energetic sound that would inspire a generation of Miami artists like Yung Gordon, and eventually DJ Khaled himself.

There are plenty of notable, fast-paced songs from all over the state. Yet, these records are coined classics in Miami, and they will make you get up and jook no matter where you’re at. R.I.P Bizzle.

1. Bizzle “Lip Bitin Animal”

2. Piccalo “Stick N Roll”

3. GEETEE Ft Sam Sneak “Pull Out The Stick”

4. C.O.A Babii “WigN”

5. Ice Berg ft Bizzle “Naked Hustle Remix”

If you’re not jookin’ like Khaled by now, then you won’t stay still after these.

6. DJ Chipman “Bean Ahh”

7. Unda Surveillance “On Deck”

8. Militant Military “All Da Way Live”

9. Grind Mode “Extasy”

10. Ball Greezy “Shone”

11. Brisco “Just Know That”

12. Grind Mode “I’m So High”