Donald Trump Slapped With A Lawsuit From Congress Democrats

Another day, another problem on the plate of our country’s 45th president. In the midst of struggling to figure out how to be leader of the free world, Donald Trump has been slapped by a new lawsuit from members of Congress. According to the New York Times, 200 democrats filed a federal lawsuit against Trump, saying that he violated the Constitution for “profiting from business dealings with foreign governments.”

In the Constitution, there’s a clause that forbids federal officials from accepting gifts from foreign powers without being approved by Congress. “The founders ensured that federal officeholders would not decide for themselves whether particular emoluments were likely to compromise their own independence or lead them to put personal interest over national interest,” the lawsuit says. “An officeholder, in short, should not be the sole judge of his own integrity.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut says that Trump’s companies did secret business in at least 20 countries, making it next to impossible for Congress to do their job of concretely saying he was receiving illegal benefits or “emoluments,” as they’re called.

“What we are seeking first and foremost is disclosure,” he said. “We cannot consent to what we don’t know.” Get it together, Mr. President.