Leaked Selena Trailer Rocks Fans: "It Looks Like A Horror Film"

To add insult to injury. 

Not only are Selena Quintanilla fans furious with Telemundo’s effort to adapt journalist María Celeste Arrarás’s book El Secreto de Selena – believed to be filled with lies and centered on her killer's voice – into a television production. To add insult to injury, a leaked trailer from the series emerges a gory sight, and fans of the Queen of Tejano are up in arms about it, chin-checking the folks behind the show for the graphic depiction of their reina.

The two-minute teaser opens with Yolanda Saldivar shooting the Tex-Mex superstar. What follows next, depicted in security-style footage, shows Selena walking out of a hotel room and into the lobby for help—her clothes drenched in blood.

YouTube commenters were appalled to say the least. Fans reacted with serious distaste, calling the clip "trash" and a "betrayal." Some were so disturbed, they described the blatant "disrespect" as watching a "horror film."

"Couldn’t [María Celeste] have at least left out all the blood?” one YouTuber asked.

The book, which also alleges Selena had an affair,  is denounced by family members of the late singer.  Celeste Arrarás’s responded to the backlash, taking to Instagram with a open letter to Selena fans.

Carta abierta a los fans de Selena: Con todo respeto los invito a que no se dejen cegar por personas que llaman a un boycott de mi libro El Secreto de Selena y de la mini serie basada en el libro que verán en el futuro en las pantalla de televisión. Ese boycott está basado en la premisa errónea de que escribí el libro basándome en el testimonio de la asesina Yolanda Saldivar y que lo hice para ganar dinero explotando la memoria de la querida Selena. Ambas premisas son completamente falsas y la mejor evidencia de ello es que Yolanda Saldivar se enfureció muchísimo tras leer el libro que la delata como la persona que le mintió y manipuló a Selena hasta su último respiro. Para aquellos que,tal vez, no lo recuerdan desde el primer día done 100% de las ganancias de el libro. No recibí un solo centavo. Aunque no estaba en la obligación de hacerlo, fue mi decisión para demostrar que el libro es producto de una investigación seria y extensa,nunca fue un vehículo para obtener dinero. Lo escribí escuchando la música de Selena de fondo y con todo el respeto que su memoria merece. Todo lo que sale en el libro fue confirmado con varias fuentes,no con una ni con dos. Por eso nadie jamás ha podido demandar. Llevo 30 años de carrera porque siempre me he destacado por la seriedad que le pongo a mis proyectos. Mi meta con el libro fue compartir las conclusiones de mi investigación que incluye miles de documentos legales,testimonios,informes policiales y entrevistas. Todo eso me dio una idea clara de que llevo a Selena a su trágica muerte de cómo fueron sus últimos días y de por qué Saldivar le disparo. No soy la primera ni la única periodista que escribe un libro basado en su trabajo. Se han publicado infinidad de libros sobre famosos que han muerto y sobre las circunstancias de su muerte. Por ejemplo hay libros sobre las muertes de John F Kennedy,Marilyn Monroe,Natalie Wood-entre otros. Tengo la conciencia tranquila de que escribí el libro para proveerle un cuadro completo de lo que vivió Selena a sus millones de fans. No hay una sola página que le falte el respeto ni manche su nombre. (Ojo-comentarios ofensivos serán borrados y la cuenta del usuario será bloqueada)

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No matter where you land on the furious spectrum, the show will go on as part of Telemundo's 2017-2018 lineup.

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David Ortiz's Shooting Investigation Leads To Six Arrests

The gunman allegedly responsible for shooting former Boston Red Sox baseball player, David Ortiz, and five other suspects involved in the attack have been taken into custody by authorities in the Dominican Republic, the Associated Press reports.

The man reportedly responsible for the shooting, identified as 25-year-old Rolfy Ferreira, admitted to authorities his role in the occurrence. The country’s national police director, Maj. Gen. Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte revealed that the attack's organizer was paid $400,000 Dominican pesos ($7,800 USD).

Those present at the scene in a popular Santo Domingo bar on Sunday night (June 9), claim they witnessed two men carry out the shooting on two motorcycles, while another two suspects in cars were there to facilitate the gunmen’s escape from the scene.

“At this moment, they are being interrogated and we will continue deepening the investigation to get to the truth about what happened,” Chief Prosecutor Jean Alain Rodriguez said. “Nobody involved in this unfortunate episode will escape justice, neither those who carried it out nor the mastermind.”

Officials state that the weapon used for the attack was a Browning Hi-Power semi-automatic pistol, which was then handed to suspects Oliver Moises Mirabal Acosta and Porfirio Allende Dechamps Vasquez. “In one of the videos it was possible to observe both the accused and the shooter planning the commission of the incident,” prosecutors said.

As details of the case continue to emerge, Ortiz is steadily recovering at Massachusetts General Hospital. His wife, Tiffany Ortiz, says he’s able to sit up and walk around. “His condition is guarded, and he will remain in the ICU for the coming days, but he is making good progress toward recovery,” she said in a statement.

The reason for the shooting still remains unknown.

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David Ortiz looks on before the Red Sox home opening game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park on April 09, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts.
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Shortly after it was reported that Ortiz was shot at The Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, local blogs tied the incident to a woman who goes by the name "Yeribell" on Instagram.

Popular blog ElCalleJon 809 reported the shooting to be a case of fatal attraction with the woman in the middle. Yeribell denied any involvement in the shooting stating on her Instagram, "With total security, I can express that information is totally false," she said. "I do not know the shadow of that man for me. Please wait for more accurate information with proofs and photos of the unfortunate fact, thank you."

Meanwhile, the gunman was identified as Eddy Feliz Garcia, 25. Garcia shot him in the back at point-blank range Sunday evening at the venue. Police spokesman Col. Frank Duran Mejia tells ESPN that the suspect was caught and brutally beaten by bystanders as he tried to get away on a motorcycle. Garcia suffered a cranium contusion and trauma to his thorax, left knee and right leg. After being treated at the Dario Contreras Hospital, he was placed in police custody. Footage has also surfaced on social media of the beating.

Ortiz is currently in stable condition. Doctors had to remove part of Ortiz's intestines and colon, as well as his gallbladder. "Doctors say that David is out of danger, thank God," Ortiz's father, Leo Ortiz, told the outlet. "What they have told me post-op is that the doctors believe he will recover quickly. Big Papi will be around for a long time.''

Two other people were wounded, including Jhoel Lopez, a Dominican TV host who was with Ortiz at the venue. Conflicting reports stated Ortiz was shot in the leg but it was Lopez who was hit the same bullet that hit the baseball player.

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