Drug Dealer Flaunts His Cash On Facebook Live Seconds Before His Home Is Raided


They say timing is everything, and if the old adage is true a Jacksonville, FL drug dealer by far has the WORST timing of them all.

Per a grainy video, you can see the drug dealer showing off his wad of cash and boasting in front of the camera. He taunts the supposed “f**k n****s” by insisting they need to catch up. He willingly offers his scholarly advise once again to all the “f**k n****s” by instructing to “get you some money or you’ll forever be broke out here.” As he proceeds to show off his bills, he goes off camera for a minute and returns with another wad of cash repeating “The sh*t don’t stop man.”

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His gloating come to an end when he looks out a window and in the distance you can hear authorities about to swarm in. Then viewers here police say “Open the front door” followed by the sound of windows being broken.

Well it turns out the man in the video was 22-year-old Breon Hollings who was arrested after law enforcement found crack cocaine, a gun, oxycodone pills and ammunition inside his home on Amazon Avenue. Unfortunately, this isn’t Hollings first encounter with police. According to reports, Hollings has a lengthy rap sheet which includes criminal mischief, child abuse, trespassing and he’s also been found guilty twice on drug charges.

Hollings is expected to face a judge in three weeks.