Man Spends Three Months In Prison After Officer Confuse Drywall Powder For Cocaine

Florida police arrested and jailed Karlos Cashe after confusing drywall dust found in his car as crack cocaine. The handyman was pulled over by authorities back in March for driving without headlights, yet once police inspected Cashe’s vehicle, they found drywall scrapping on the seat and floor. Cashe told a local news outlet he tried to explain to police it was from the drywall.

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“I know for a fact that it’s drywall because I’m a handyman, and I said that continuously throughout the arrest stop.” Cashe told WFTV “

The powder was tested by a K-9 unit and came back positive for cocaine, police said. Cashe was on probation for  marijuana and cocaine charges stemming from 2015 and he also allegedly violated his curfew.

After sitting in prison for 90 days without bond, lab results showed the dust found in Cashe’s car was indeed drywall.

“There’s no intent, when something comes back positive, we take it; it’s our probable cause and that’s why we send to FDLE to confirm,” Lt. Heather Capetillo of the Oviedo Police Department told Fox35 Orlando.

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Cashe was released from prison but says he wants to be compensated. “I want some compensation for them. When I make a mistake, I’ve got to pay for it, that’s why I was on probation. It’s no different for them,” Cashe said.